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A modern take on the classic Navy Jacket

A modern take on the classic Navy Jacket

There are any number of interesting (and probably fictional) theories about how the navy blazer got its name, but its essence traces back to the Regency-era influencer (if they were called like that back in the days) Beau Brummell. He decreed that a gentleman should reject all finery and ostentation in his clothing and embrace the masculine simplicity of a simple navy-blue wool coat, distinguished only by its exquisite cut. Brummell understood that the modern man would not seek to display wealth or status through his clothes, but rather taste and refinement. Two centuries later, this principle lives on anytime a man pulls on a navy blazer.

Quite rightly, menswear is gradually accommodating to the demands of more relaxed dressing in the post pandemic world. The navy blazer’s fundamental attribute is its versatility, which we have maximised with a soft, deconstructed cut that will make you feel perfectly attired for almost any occasion. Spending most of our days in soft dream state understandably, we aspire to up our loungewear game to suit the needs of the modern men. A well-tailored blazer cut from solid, sober navy wool paired with luxurious loungewear makes it a great elevated outfit for both indoors and outdoors.

For this reason, we prefer blazers without the traditional heavy brass button, allowing to be paired up with versatile loungewear sets pieces of any style and pattern to create exceedingly comfortable and surprisingly elegant outfit for those who dare to step up their dressing game.

Beau Brummell surveilling our activities