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History of the Cable Knit

The origins of the cable-knit sweater are shrouded in lore that’s simply too romantic to disprove. Perhaps these uniquely twisted knit patterns weren’t developed in the 19th century by Irish fishermen’s wives to help identify the bodies of husbands lost at sea – but who doesn’t want to believe a story like that? It’s probably a bit more likely that those wives developed the all-over cable-knit pattern simply to make their husbands’ thick and warm sweaters even thicker and warmer, with heavy ribbed cuffs, necklines, and waistbands to keep out the gales. Popularized as sportswear in the 1920s, the cable-knit sweater has been a staple of casually classic menswear ever since.

Those original cable-knit sweaters – knit from coarse, oily wool – still have their rugged charm, but for those of us who don’t spend our days at Sea, we recommend a somewhat more refined take on this classic: our new 100% silk cable-knit cardigan.

Warmer than cotton and softer than wool, it’s a perfect lightweight layer for unpredictable Spring weather, easily slung over the shoulders in the heat of the day or layered with a jacket for nippy nights. Even as their seamless, fully-fashioned folds drape weightlessly, the classic cable-knit texture of these cardigans conveys a unique substance, inspired by a traditional past but aspiring to a more comfortable present.

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