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Each of our dressing gowns is a work of singular creation, bringing together the best materials, craftsmanship and unique patterns to make pieces that are elevated beyond basic utility. They are creative explorations of materials and studies in craftsmanship, while also simply being extremely comfortable to wear.

In the world of cashmere, Johnstons of Elgin is unmatched for its quality and craftsmanship. Producing in Scotland for over 225 years, they have remained a family business and are one of the last mills in the UK that make their fabric from start to finish. Meaning that raw fibre enters the factory, is dyed, blended, spun, woven and finished all without leaving the premises. It is this self-contained production, generations of accumulated knowledge for cashmere and a commitment to innovating while never compromising on heritage or sustainability that makes them so sought after and it is the reason we chose them to produce our gown's fabric.

We paid a visit to the Johnstons mill to witness our cashmere fabric being made first-hand. Producing this material is an incredibly labour-intensive journey, with numerous stages and quality checks executed by skilled craftspeople over the multi-day manufacturing process. It was immediately clear that the people at every level of the mill — from workers gathering blended fibres to those overseeing the larger management — care deeply for their craft and take great pride in seeing the beautiful pieces of clothing their labours produce.

The gown we made from this Johnstons of Elgin cashmere is an exceptional piece, elevated by the superb quality of the materials. It's thick enough to keep you warm in the colder months while still taking advantage of the unique lightness and breathability of cashmere to ensure it never feels stuffy or uncomfortable to wear. Featuring our iconic peacock design and finished with a subtle green, burgundy and red twist piping, this gown is a truly unique creation.