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The Wolterton Dressing Gown

The Wolterton Dressing Gown

The Wolterton Dressing Gown is a piece of lyric beauty and lavish elegance. Capturing scenes from one of Wolterton Hall's most beautiful mid-17th-century tapestries, these vignettes are printed by Watts 1874 on three pieces of the finest cotton velvet and crafted into a limited collection of dressing gowns.

Wolterton Hall is a remarkable example of modern restoration efforts creating a space that somehow recaptures the unique 18th-century character and craftsmanship of its heyday, while still finding opportunities to reinterpret and tweak that original look to make it resonate in a modern context. It is its old self but miraculously doesn't feel stale or dated in the slightest.

We've manifested this same philosophy in our Wolterton dressing gown. It is a wearable piece of history, British textile and art traditions, carrying forward the rich traditions of its heritage while at the same time being a truly modern loungewear piece that, like Wolterton Hall, will endure through the years without losing relevancy.

The Wolterton Dressing Gown's scenes are framed with twist piping, three patch pockets and a belt of the same fabric. It is handmade in England, cut with a darted body and heavier cloth for cold weather wearing.

Tom Leeper, Creative Director

"It was a great privilege to be able to work with such a renowned institution as Watts on this gown. They've captured something special in this cloth, making the gown a unique piece of loungewear and a time capsule of England's incredible tapestry traditions. And to see our gown alongside the tapestry it captures is one of those rare moments in this business where everything just perfectly aligns into something truly special. It wouldn't be possible without the help of Watts and the Wolterton Estate, who we're thankful to."