The Evolution of Our Trousers

Men tend to have strong feelings about their trousers. It’s usually not so much about what’s in style at the moment, but rather what style they’re into.

Source: Sean Connery as Bond and Fred Astaire. Art of Manliness

The classic silhouette of the English tailored trouser was established by Savile Row tailors back in the 1930s: an easily cut leg, gathered at the top with single or double forward pleats (opening toward the front), gently tapered to the bottom, and finished with turnups. A relatively high waistband sits comfortably on the hips, minimizing the waistline and lengthening the leg line. These trousers can worn with braces, which attach to buttons on the inner waistband, or can also be worn on their own for a clean, sleek look. With their fuller proportions, classically cut trousers continue the lines of a well-cut jacket, making for a timelessly elegant silhouette.

At New & Lingwood, we offer several options to suit different tastes.

White Cotton Chinos

Belts grew in popularity after World War II as more relaxed American looks started to set global trends. A little leather at the waist gives a more rugged look and solid feel to trousers, and the extra cinch of a belt allows more casual, flat-front, lower-rise trousers like chinos, corduroys, and moleskins to sit comfortably just below the hips. Our chinos have a mid-rise and are made from a light cotton with a small amount of ease to add comfort.

Green Single Pleat Bamboo Trousers

Our latest dress trouser block blends the virtues of both classic and casual styles by featuring a trim but not tight leg, a medium rise, single reverse pleats (opening to the side), with side tabs sometimes replacing belt loops. An extended waistband gives a smooth, finished look at the waist. This cut offers refined modern elegance with uncompromised comfort – truly trousers for any occasion. This season we’re offering these trousers in lightweight worsted flannel, crisp linen, and silky bamboo.

Stone Flat Front Drawstring Trousers

We are always looking to find new ways for our clothes to marry elegance and comfort, tweaking fit or fabric as necessary. In our new drawstring chinos we combine the feel of a pyjama with the cut and sophistication of a trouser to create one of our most versatile styles. The waist is elasticated, but only in the back, presenting a smooth flat front like any other chino except for the short drawstring in the front. Our cotton knit trouser is another modern option that’s perfect for on the move, but also right at home on the sofa. Pair it with the matching jacket for the most comfortable suit you’ve ever worn.

Navy Single Breasted Deconstructed Jersey Jacket & Trousers

When you’re putting together an outfit, remember that unless you’re wearing a suit, it’s always better to choose trousers that complement what you’re wearing up top without trying to match it.

Alternatively, depending on the occasion, let your trousers take the lead; our trouser collections are never without some bright colours and a statement plaid or two. Wear a pair of these below a solid shirt or a dark jacket and you may find you can get away with more than you think.

Mustard Moleskin Trousers
Multi Check Flat Front Linen Trousers

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