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The Editorial

  1. In conversation with Ben Burdett, Founder of Atlas Gallery

    In conversation with Ben Burdett, Founder of Atlas Gallery

    Ben Burdett is the founder of one of the most influential photographic galleries in London - Atlas Gallery in Marylebone. In anticipation of the launch of his latest exhibition with Franco Fontana, we sat down with him at his country home to discuss everything from his punk past and favourite photographs, to his vision for the gallery.
  2. New & Lingwood x Mantidy

    New & Lingwood x Mantidy

    Bringing together New & Lingwood’s iconic silk with Mantidy’s handcrafted all-in-one leather accessories, this capsule combines the best of Jermyn St design and high quality craftsmanship.
  3. Our Shirting Variety

    Our Shirting Variety

    Traditionally, a “shirt” meant a collared, button-front cotton dress shirt, but today, we offer fits and fabrics to suit different physiques and tastes. Read more about the variety in our shirting.
  4. The Evolution of Our Trousers

    The Evolution of Our Trousers

    The classic silhouette of the English tailored trouser was established by Savile Row tailors back in the 1930s. Read how our latest trousers blend the virtues of both classic and modern styles.
  5. Evening Dress Standard

    Evening Dress Standard

    When the sun goes down, the fun begins. Free from commitments and constrictions of work, it’s time to enjoy the night. Silk Dressing Gown on, cocktail in hand – read more about New & Lingwood’s Evening Standard.
  6. The New & Lingwood Story

    The New & Lingwood Story

    For over 150 years, New & Lingwood has served those who have the utmost respect for tradition, but who have earned the right to embrace the unconventional. Read more to hear about the story of New & Lingwood 
  7. A View from The Afternoon

    A View from The Afternoon

    The prime of the day where we get stuff done. Weekend or weekday, working from home or the office, our afternoon style is about versatility and comfort. Read more about how we spend our afternoon.
  8. The Perfect Morning

    The Perfect Morning

    Recharged with a good night’s sleep, and with the trials of the day yet to come, we’re free in these precious morning moments to focus on what is most important to us. Read how we enjoy the perfect start to our day here.
  9. A Brief History of Men’s Loungewear

    A Brief History of Men’s Loungewear

    We’ve seen a renaissance of interest in luxury loungewear as people seek to pass their lockdowns in something more than tracksuits and T-shirts. New & Lingwood’s Andrew Yamato breaks down the history of Men’s Loungewear.
  10. New & Lingwood: Away, from home

    New & Lingwood: Away, from home

    At New & Lingwood, we embrace the power that clothing has to enlarge our lives and transcend our reality through the simple choice of what we wear.
  11. Custom Made Gowns

    Custom Made Gowns

    We believe that a well-made dressing gown is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Often the first and last garments we wear on any given day (sometimes the only one), the right dressing gown can transform our mood - warming, relaxing or inspiring us depending on what we require of it.
  12. N&L Facemasks: Making a Virtue of Necessity

    N&L Facemasks: Making a Virtue of Necessity

    There’s certainly never been a more prominent accessory. Six months into the pandemic, more and more of us are upping our mask game and New & Lingwood are here to help you do just that