Lightweight, low-maintenance, and refreshingly crisp, seersucker is one of our favourite warm weather fabrics.

Seersucker. The cloth’s rather delicious name derives from the Persian words shir and shakar – literally “milk and sugar” – referring to the alternating smooth and pebbled weaves that give it its distinctively puckered texture. In muggy weather where smoother fabrics can cling, seersucker stands away from the body, promoting air circulation and keeping the wearer cool.

Like most iconic elements of menswear, seersucker has an interesting story. Originally made in India, it was exported to the European market in the 17th century, but it was in the American Deep South where seersucker truly established itself. Comfortable, sturdy, and requiring no pressing, it was an unpretentious workwear staple there decades before it was embraced by the upper classes in the early 20th century, eventually becoming an icon of country club gentility.

Today, seersucker belongs to anyone who appreciates its unique combination of carefree comfort and fresh style. Although traditionally offered only in pastel stripes, we’re pleased to offer an entire range of seersucker garments in an exciting variety of colours, patterns, textures, and fibers.

Our new seersucker jackets and trousers are available in either an understated navy or a striking black and white check and feature a touch of elastane for maximum comfort. Wear them as easily-paired separates or keep them together for a modern twist on the classic seersucker suit.

Nothing highlights the breathability of seersucker’s crispy handle better than feeling it directly against your skin, which is exactly how we recommend wearing our breezy new neckband seersucker shirts, available in three sunbleached colours.

For the ultimate seersucker experience, envelope yourself in our new stretch seersucker dressing gown. Made from a pebbled rust seersucker woven in Belgium, it's the last word in summer lounging comfort and elegance.