A View from The Afternoon

The afternoon is the prime of the day and more often than not, a time when we’re pulled from place to place mentally and in more normal times, physically. Weekdays or Weekends - we are getting things done.

Turquoise Crystal Paisley Lined Silk Dressing Gown
Navy & Gold Art Deco Unlined Silk Dressing Gown

The week is for diligence, drive and ambition. Sitting at our well-worn desk, papers strewn about in our own form of orderly chaos. We're working from home, in our self-styled “office”, surrounded by the paraphernalia that make us who we are personally, now mixed with everything we bring to the professional table. Clothes are there to hold us through these challenges and while comfort is important, we never sacrifice that intangible confidence that well-made clothes constructed with a quality cloth can provide.

Green Tropical Fauna Lined Velvet Dressing Gown

The weekend is a different story. It’s a time of leisure and creative expression, a time when we want our clothing to be designed for a life well lived. Whether we’re listening to music, picking up our favourite book or settling into battle on the chessboard, as the sun starts to set our clothes are free and easy.

Brown Single Breasted Deconstructed Nehru Jacket
Tan Prince Of Wales Check Single Breasted Deconstructed Jacket

Still looking our best, our afternoon style feels different these days. We put on deconstructed jackets that are comfortable enough to wear casually but refined enough to carry off a well-turned-out look. That casual linen shirt that’s versatile for any occasion. Those soft bamboo trousers that feel as comfortable as pyjamas, or those chinos with the drawstring waistband with just the right amount of ease.

Navy Single Breasted Deconstructed Jersey Jacket

Go ahead and put your feet up at the end of the day – you’ve earned it.

Our picks for the afternoon

New & Lingwood’s Afternoon Playlist

Chess against ourselves, online against a friend

Anything written by Ernest Hemingway

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