Evening Dress Standard

As our evening rolls in, we have made it through the day.

If mornings are for quiet solitude and the afternoon is for the rest of the world, then evenings are for sharing with those closest to us. Whether it’s a long overdue catch up with a friend or sometimes chaotic dinner at home with the family, the simple act of gathering (whether that be remotely or in person) is cause for celebration these days. Why not have some fun when you do so? Read how we at New & Lingwood bookend our day with a piece on the ideal evening.

Burgundy Gold Fan Lined Silk Dressing Gown

Clothing has always been an easy way to transform ourselves and transcend our circumstances. In more normal times, we shed our workwear when we return home from the office, changing into something more comfortable to free ourselves from the trials and tribulations of the day. Now with our work often done from home, our post-work routine requires us to do a little more to build an artificial threshold between the two worlds. A partition and statement that we are shifting gears – setting out an agenda that is inherently personal.

Blue Orange Porceleno Lined Silk Dressing Gown

As the energy of the city hums outside, we dim the lights, don our silk dressing gown with intent – taking solace in its reassuring weight, letting the lustre of the fabric lift our minds away from anything that nags us. Film or cocktail? What do we desire? As the latter wins out, we shake up a martini - for friends if our situation affords it, for ourselves if not. Cocktail in hand, we muse on how much better the finer things taste when we’re wrapped in silk.

There are no dress codes for a night out anymore - let alone another night in. It’s up to us to make our own occasions.

Gold Phoenix Cotton/ Silk Pyjama Set

Our picks for the evening:

New & Lingwood’s evening playlist

Gin Martini

Anything with Bill Nighy

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