The Perfect Morning

Recharged with a good night’s sleep, and with the day’s stresses yet to come, we’re free in these precious minutes to focus on what’s most important to us and our clothes should support us in that endeavour. Read how we at New & Lingwood enjoy the perfect start to our day:

Turquoise Peacock Unlined Silk Dressing Gown
Green & Gold Phoenix Unlined Silk Dressing Gown

How we spend the first moments of each morning ultimately shape our mood for the day ahead.

Some mornings, we might be dashing from snooze button to shower and out of the door, with just enough time to rustle up a quick tea or coffee on the way to work. Other mornings bring a slower, softer, transitional time supported by a fiercely protected routine of reflection. And while we understand the occasional necessity of the former, we aspire to the latter.

The morning is a time for effortless clothes. To us - it all starts with slippers. Waiting loyally at the bedside – our quilted slippers soften the blow of leaving the bed as we reach for our favourite dressing gown to replace the cocoon of the duvet. Kettle boiling, papers on the table, a pop to the bakery sees a silk cardigan replace the dressing gown – or if the mood strikes us, the dressing gown stays.

As our morning playlist kicks in, the air brings our thoughts into the day. In these brief minutes, our minds wander – away from the beck and call of the rest of the world, to the things we most look forward to. The approaching weekend away, the long-awaited trip to the South of France, the finale of our favourite show we have been diligently waiting for.

As we return home - an energy is building that will carry us through whatever the day chooses to put in our path.

Navy Check Dragon Lined Dressing Gown

Not every day can we enjoy the quiet and stillness of the morning. Not every day can we spend those minutes with just ourselves and now that we have them, we don’t wake anyone up just yet. These moments allow us to focus on the things that are important – the things that get lost in the frenetic movement of the day. This is our time.

Our picks for the morning

New & Lingwood’s Morning Playlist

Masters of Scale Podcast with Reid Hoffman

An almond croissant or something buttery

Strong English tea with a splash of milk

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